Assignment: Interactions of Organisms and Non-Living Elements 5.9A Assignment

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4 activities: 3 games, 1 assessment

57 min

Activity 1: Assessment. Estimated duration: 10 min

Assessment with 10 questions from Flow of Energy in the Food Chain.

10 questions assessment

Activity 2: Instructional Game. Estimated duration: 18 min

Food Webs Around the World

´╗┐Visit various biomes around the world. Collect all the plant and animal cards to learn about their roles in their ecosystem.


Teacher Ratings (79) 4.7 stars.

Student Ratings (39978) 3.6 stars.

Activity 3: Instructional Game. Estimated duration: 14 min

Food Webs

Vee and PC-101 are aliens from planet Z, and they are wandering from planet to planet to learn about their habitats! Take a journey with Vee and PC-101 to learn about the food webs of Earth's organisms!


Teacher Ratings (97) 4.5 stars.

Student Ratings (64588) 3.9 stars.

Activity 4: Question Game. Estimated duration: 15 min

Magical Forest Deluxe

Find yourself in a magical forest full of treasures and adventures. Collect coins and berries, answer questions, earn points! Good luck!


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Student Ratings (160229) 4.0 stars.